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Non-Slip Suede Exercise Towels in Blue

Non-Slip Suede Exercise Towels in Blue

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Stay rooted and let your spirit soar with the Professional Grade Non-Slip Suede Exercise Towels in Blue. These towels are designed specifically for Hot Yoga, Bikram, Pilates, and other sweaty exercises. The super absorbent suede material is perfect for when you get sweaty during your workout. The grip surface of the towel only works when wet, so lightly spray it before getting started and the grip will get stronger as it absorbs your sweat. Not only does this towel provide a non-slip surface for your workout, but it also doubles as a sanitary barrier between your sweat and your yoga mat.

The Professional Grade Non-Slip Suede Exercise Towels are ultra-thin and ready to go when you are. They are easy to clean, dry quickly, and are lightweight, making them the perfect addition to your yoga bag. Before using the towel, be sure to wash it. This towel is designed specifically for Hot Yoga use only.

Key Features:

  • Super absorbent suede material
  • Grip surface strengthens as it absorbs sweat
  • Doubles as a sanitary barrier
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight
  • Easy to clean and dries quickly
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