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Long Distance Touch Bracelets:

Long Distance Touch Bracelets:

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The Totwoo Long Distance Touch Bracelets are a set of smart jewelry designed for couples. These bracelets allow you to stay connected with your loved one no matter how far apart you are. With just a tap, your partner's bracelet will vibrate and flash, letting them know that you're thinking about them. This is a great gift for couples, families, children, and close friends.

[All Functions Built for Love] The Totwoo Bracelets have several features that are perfect for expressing your love. You can send secret messages and love letters through the Totwoo App, and when your partner touches their bracelet, the messages will be revealed on their phone. The bracelets also have an anniversary reminder, so you'll never miss an important date again. Additionally, you can add three important contacts in the app, and your bracelet will vibrate and flash to notify you when you receive a call.

[A Love Space for Just The Two of You] The Totwoo Bracelets create a special space for you and your loved one. You can feel connected with every interactive vibration and light up between the two bracelets in the Totwoo app. You can also set a special date to light up and vibrate a customized color, making you feel closer than ever before.

[Unique Design] These bracelets feature a classic mountain and sea design, making them both romantic and fashionable. The backs of the bracelets are engraved with Jane Austen's quote, "My heart is, and will always be yours." The moon bracelet also has a delicately hand-set zirconium stone. The bracelets are adjustable in size and come in a variety of colors and designs to match your style.

[A True Engineering Breakthrough] The Totwoo Bracelets are not only stylish but also technologically advanced. They are equipped with the state-of-the-art Totwoo nb16 chip, which is hidden inside the bracelet. This chip ensures high craftsmanship, emotional experience, and smart technology.

[Waterproof and Rechargeable] The Totwoo Bracelets are water-resistant for daily use, but not suitable for swimming or bathing. They can be easily recharged and provide 7 days of ultra-long standby time with just 1 hour of charging.

[What Comes with the Bracelets] Each set of Totwoo Bracelets comes with one gift bag and gift box. It also includes 2 manuals and 2 chargers. Totwoo offers 24/7 customer support, so if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact them for assistance.

1. Can I ship to two different countries? For the Always Sun&Moon collection products, you can place two different orders for a single sun and a single moon with different addresses.

2. Can we connect to each other while we are far apart? As long as the Totwoo smart jewelry is correctly set up within the app with either Wi-Fi or mobile connection, you can connect with each other no matter how far apart you are.

3. Can I connect more than 2 people? Unfortunately, the Totwoo jewelry does not support connecting multiple pieces of jewelry together at present. However, you can unpair them and then connect with another one.

4. Is the price marked for one or one pair? All of the Always collection products are marked for one pair (two pieces of jewelry).

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