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Brush for Foundation, Contour and Blush

Brush for Foundation, Contour and Blush

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  • ❤️Multipurpose Cosmetics Makeup Brushes for Loose Powder, Foundation Make-up, Liquid Foundation, Pressed Powder, Powder Blush, Bronzing Powder, BB Cream, and Face Powder.
  • ❤️Perfect for Daily Makeup Application. Perfect for Full Coverage of Powder Foundations, Mineral Blending, Stippling, Blushing, Buffing, Contouring and Finishing.
  • ❤️Soft and Silky Brush Bristles. The Cosmetics Brush Bristles Made With High Quality Lightweight Synthetic Fibers, Softness and Comfort, No Harm or Irritation to Skin.
  • ❤️Work Efficiently. Apply Liquid Cream or Powder Effortlessly and Flawlessly. The Perfect Head Shape With Soft and Dense Bristles Make It Super Easy to Blending or Buffing.
  • ❤️Prime Advantage. Professional Manufacturer Factory Supply Directly, Stability High Quality With Cheap Price. Applicable to Amazon Prime Service Policy of Return and Refund Guarantee.

💖 Weight: 20 gram.
💖 Size: Diameter : 4 cm, Total Length: 7 cm, Bristles Length: 4 cm.
💖 Material: Bristles: Soft Synthetic Fiber. Handle: Synthetic Plastic.
💖 Application:
1. No Stimulation, Safety for All Skin Types.
2. Perfect for Buffing, Blending, Contouring And Finishing, Etc.
3. Soft Bristles Works Efficiently for Any Kind Cosmetics Powder.
4. Lightweight Allows it Easy to Carry Around.
💖 How to Clean the Brush:
1. Soak the brush hair with warm water, place the gentle shampoo on the bristles.
2. Place it on the washing board, rub back and forth several times.
3. Rinse the bristles thoroughly under running water.
4. Gently squeeze out any excess water using a clean towel.
5. Fushun brush hair, allow it to air-dry.

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