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Deep Wave - Human Hair Bundle – Color 1B

Deep Wave - Human Hair Bundle – Color 1B

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Deep wave hair texture is a hair texture that is loose, defined waves. This texture is often used in hair extensions and weaves to create a natural-looking hairstyle for people with naturally wavy or curly hair.

Deep wave hair texture is typically characterized by its lustrous, shiny appearance and its soft, bouncy feel. The waves are usually evenly spaced and vary in size from medium to large, creating a natural-looking, beachy texture. Maintaining the health and appearance of deep wave hair texture requires regular moisturizing and conditioning, as well as careful styling with heat protectant products to prevent heat damage.

Styling options for deep wave hair texture include wearing it loose for a casual, beachy look, or styling it with braids or twists for a more formal or elegant appearance.
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